A scheme of vocationalization Education +2 stage has been introduced in the State from the academic year 1978-79 .The Maharashtra State Board of secondary and higher Secondary has introduced subjects under the scheme in 6 different group viz.Technical,Commerce,Agriculture,Home Science,Fisheries and Paramedical.

The bifocal courses are being conducted in 237 institutes(07 government,23 Private Aided and 207 Private Self Finance jr.Colleges) In Nagpur region 6 District with the strength of 22600 students. The students pursuing bifocal Vocational Courses are in a position to enter the world of work or to go for higher education vertically in their Vocational field.


In order to   motivate the trainees to go in for self  employment or  employment ,after completion of the Higher Secondary Education and thus to divert them from the University education , the scheme of Vocationalization of Education at +2 stage has been introduced.

The main aim is to give useful education for joining the world of work at the level of Secondary and even after completion of the secondary education the students are trained as skilled Craftsman under the Craftsman Training Scheme.

The Vocationalization of Education at +2 stage has been introduced as an educational programme,adopted at the National level and is useful for providing trained manpower to the industries, In Maharashtra, the completion of Higher Secondary Education  with Vocational Subjects,the student can join the world ,as they are better trained .


Present Status of the no.of Institutes &Intake in +2 level  Bifocal Vocational Education (August 2018)

S.No. Type Of Institute                 No.of Institutes  Available Seats (Admission Capacity)
Govt Private Aided Private Un-Aided Govt Private Aided Private Un-Aided
1 +2 Level Bifocal Vocational Education     7      23      207  1000    1750   19850