In view of growing popularity and development of Technical Education at various levels,the Dept.of Technical education was looking after this education was bifurcated in December,1984, in two separate Department viz.Directorate of Technical Education and Directorate of Vocational Education and training . The newly created department of vocational education and training has been vested with the control of vocational education and training of craftsmen at artisan’s levels.

Prior to bifurcation, the entire responsibility for conduct of examination in various technical courses of Diploma and certificate levels was of the Board of Technical Examination at State level. However,due it  increase in no of institutions, strength of students , change in curriculum and introduction of additional courses and due to the establishment of separate department of vocational education and training a need for separate board for examinations of certificate courses was found necessary. The Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Examinations has therefore,been established from January 1986.This Vocational Examinations board in functioning  generally on the same pattern as of previous one. The Board if Vocational Examination conducts courses of  Certificate level, approved by the board.

       Functions of Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education

  1. To lay down the syllabus for various vocational courses and conduct of examination in such courses and award certificates on behalf of Govt to the successful candidates.
  2. To prescribe textbooks, reference books, audio-visual –aid etc.to prepare and approve the list of equipments for the course prescribed by it ,to lay down the educational qualifications and experience for the teachers to be appointed to teach various subjects.
  3. To make various recommendation in the above matter and appoint board of studies wherever necessary and subcommittee, it needed,to assist the board in it’s functions.


It  is necessary to develop training course in various trades,which are not covered  under the Craftsman Training Scheme,such courses and started by taking into consideration the local needs.

The duration of these courses ranges from the period of 6 months to 2 year.The final examination is conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Examination and trade certificate is awarded to the successful candidates.

These courses are mainly designed for school dropouts and for such students whose educational qualification is less but who can fulfil the local needs of various trades.The students,completing these courses, attain the specific skills and are eligible to start small –scale industries with small capital investment ,thus encouraging entrepreneurship. The successful candidate can also get benefit of employment in medium and small scale industries.

Present Status of the No.of Institutes &Intake in  Certificate Courses of MSBVCE ( 2018-19)

S.No. Type Of Institute                 No.of Institutes    Available Seats(Admission Capacity)
Govt Private Aided Private Un-Aided Govt Private Aided Private Un-Aided
1 Certificate Courses of MSBVE     04 03   113    300       150    4225